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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl XIII (2013-14)


Nina "First Lady" Nolan
Points: 72 out of 93

Runners Up

2. Jake "The Big Easy" Oakman 72 (lost on 4th tiebreaker)
3. Matt "Matt" Wells 71
4. Siafa "Siafa" Hage 70
T5. Nolan "Moody" Moody 69
T5. Clif "big red dog" Wells 69
T7. Brad "Brad" Anthony 68
T7. John "Fed" Fedynsky 68
T7. Ted "The Oracle" Pokorski 68
T7. Michael "Mike" Takish 68

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl XII Muskegon Natives Champion: TIE, Terry "T-Dog" Nolan and Alicia "Alicia" Urbain (27th place)
Nolan Bowl XII Michigan Alumni Champion: Siafa "Siafa" Hage (4th place)
Nolan Bowl XII Nolan Family Champion: Nina "First Lady" Nolan (1st place)
Nolan Bowl XII Chicago Champion: TIE, Amber "Ambush" Damerow and Rocky "Rock" Jones (15th place)
Nolan Bowl XII Rookie of the Year: Michael "Mike" Takish (7th place)
Nolan Bowl XII Husband/Wife Champions: Christine "#EVERYDAYWINNING" and Philip "Bad Ass Blue" Maxwell (35th and 86th place) (out of 24 married couples)
Nolan Bowl XII Dow Corning Champion: Nina "First Lady" Nolan (1st place)

Nolan Bowl XII Al Gore/Rich Rodriguez Award
given (if applicable) to the Nolan Bowler who finishes with the most GAMES picked correctly but does not win the most POINTS (a la winning the popular vote but losing the electoral college, or having an offense that puts up a gazillion yards but fails to score enough points to win games). The Nolan Bowl XII Al Gore/Rich Rodriguez Award goes to John "Fed" Fedynsky, who finished with 27 correct picks, 2 more than winner Nolan and Oakman, yet finished tied for 7th place.

Conference Champions

Conqu'ring Heroes Conference Champion Siafa "Siafa" Hage (4th place)
Victors Valiant Conference Champion TIE, Nina "First Lady" Nolan and Jake "The Big Easy" Oakman (1st place)

Divisional Champions

The Credit Default Swaps Division was the toughest to win this year, averaging a whopping 62.8/93 points per participant. The weakest division was the Uncle Jimmy Division, averaging only 42/93 points per participant. Divisional Champions are as follows, in order of division strength:

Credit Default Swaps Division: Ted "The Oracle" Pokorski (7th place)
Legends and Leaders Division: Jake "The Big Easy" Oakman (1st place)
Hutchins Hall Division: Rich "Rich" Zito (43rd place)
True Blue Division: Vaughn "Commish" Begick (12th place)
Shuffleboard Division: Nolan "Moody" Moody (5th place)
Wrigleyville Division: Ali "Princess Vespa" Feczko (27th place)
Scotch and No. 2 at the Intercontinental Division: Amber "Ambush" Damerow (15th place)
Hells Half Mile Division: Nina "First Lady" Nolan (1st place)
Stonewall Jackson Division: Kevin "Bulldog" Godwin (21st place)
Seaway Conference Division: Alicia "Alicia" Urbain (27th place)
War Room Division: Patrick "RepCat" O'Connor II (15th place)
Leed Certified Division: Michael "Mike" Takish (7th place)
Second Floor Division: Ken "Ken" Foot (27th place)
Tennis Classic Division: Ron "LT Dan" Daniel (21st place)
Aon Center Division: Shelly "Shell" Hirschtritt (35th place)
Fab Five Division: Siafa "Siafa" Hage (4th place)
Lady Astor Division: Matt "Matt" Wells (3rd place)
Mary Sue Coleman Division: Sophia "Sophia" Luong (27th place)
Fiscal Cliff Division: Bill "QB" Ross (27th place)
Blackhawks Division: Lauren "Logo" Schook (43rd place)
Fritz Crisler Division: TIE, David "Not Rodney" King and Kate "Mads" Nardi-Dei (56th place)
Wish We Had the Birdie Division: Thomas "Tommy" Stachowiak (21st place)
Reeths Puffer High School Division: Robert "Leeeeeeroy" Weissert (76th place)
Crouch Burritos Division: James "Monkey" Fritz (86th place)
Safe Electronics Division: Brian "Germanicus" Marinik (43rd place)
Posthumus for Governor Division: Tom "Scrud" Cash (35th place)
Sports Night Division: Kevin "Clown Shoes" Hollifield (56th place)
The Alamo Division: Christine "#EVERYDAYWINNING" Maxwell (35th place)
Hemlock and Reinier Division: Greg "Greg" Bausch (56th place)
Law Quadrangle Division: Brad "Brad" Anthony (7th place)
Currie Division: Tyson "Tyson" Grunwell (12th place)
Monroe Street Division: Maren "Blonde Pearson" Pearson (43rd place)
Invention Disclosure Act Division: Alan "AZ" Zombeck (76th place)
Boy Band Karaoke Division: Rocky "Rock" Jones (15th place)
Continental Divide Division: Ming "The Big Sin" Shui (86th place)
Team Commodus Division: Jeremy "JP" Peters (43rd place)
Ann Coulter Division: John "Fed" Fedynsky (7th place)
Bret Bielema Fan Club Division: Chris "Gundy" Gundersen (43rd place)
Throw in a Row Division: Ashley "Baby" Garrett Nolan (56th place)
Charlie Division: Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson (27th place)
Summer 2005 Division: Mark "Horvick" Horvick (56th place)
Northeast Division: Tal "Don't Call me Hal" Hacohen (43rd place)
Legal Silicon Division: Ronda "Ronda" Walser (15th place)
Sunshine State Division: David "#BECAUSENOLAN" Honeycutt (15th place)
Mary Markley Division: Steve "LundyLund" Lund (107th place)
Matt is My Favorite Lawyer Division: Kathi "The Spencinator" Spence (119th place)
Charlevoix Division: Jeff "John L" Stachowiak (21st place)
Purple People Eaters Division: Joey "J Meezy" Mapes (124th place)
Kurt Warner Division: Randy & Kathy "G&G" Roush (107th place)
Uncle Jimmy Division: Brian "Brain" Nolan (169th place)

Fun Facts

  • Family members made up 11.38% of the pool, but 40% of the top 10
  • John Fedynsky (7th place) was the highest finishing previous Champion
  • Nolan Bowl V Champion Sarra Nazem finished in last place (246th) with 22/93 points
  • For the 12th consecutive year there were record numbers of entries (246), U.S. states represented (33) and nations represented (9: Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States)
  • Map of Nolan Bowl XII participants: