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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl VI (2006-07)


Tom Cash of Novi, MI
Points: 58 out of 85

Runners Up

  2. Adrienne "Brooksy" Brooks 52
T3. Bob "Matt's Uncle" Nolan 51
T3. Kim "Kimmay!" Schreiver 51
T5. Matt "Prez" Nolan 50
T5. Ryan "Buckeye Prez" Robinson 50
T5. Andy "Schwaggs" Schweickert 50
  8. Brian "Matt's Cousin" Nolan 49
T9. Jeremy "Mike's Bro" Pearson 48
T9. Jim "Stach" Stachowiak 48


Player Profiles

Fun Facts

  • Often refered to as the beginning of the "Modern-Era" of Nolan Bowl because of the drastic increase in game values and overall scoring.
  • Previous Year winner Sarra Nazem finished in a disappointing 34th Place with only 40 points. Despite the increased game values, she was unable to match her winning mark of 42 last year.
  • Last place with 22 Points was Julie "Sparty" Stachowiak.
  • At the time there were a record 60 participants in Nolan Bowl VI.