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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl IX (2009-10)


Alex "Skippy" Henlin of Boston, MA
Points: 71 out of 90

Runners Up

  2. Joe "Just Joe" Drake 71 (lost on 3rd tiebreaker)
  3. Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson 70
  4. Brian "Hundo" Colgan 69
  5. Paul "Michigan" Scott 68
T6. Patrick "pete" Nolan 67
T6. Kendall "Nolan-to-be" Thelen 67
T8. Lance "L-Weezy" Wright 66
T8. Christine "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Donaldson 66
T8. Maher "Gametime" Salah 66
T8. Waldemar "Bad to the Bone" Colón 66

(full standings:

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl IX Muskegon Natives Champion Patrick "pete" Nolan (6th overall)
Nolan Bowl IX Michigan Alumni Champion Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson (3rd overall)
Nolan Bowl IX Nolan Family Champion Patrick "pete" Nolan (6th overall)
Nolan Bowl IX Chicago Champion Joe "Just Joe" Drake (1st overall)
Nolan Bowl IX Rookie of the Year Christine "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Donaldson (8th overall)
Nolan Bowl IX Husband/Wife Champions Julie "Jules" & Pat "Fatpat" Egelus (47th & 61st overall) (out of fourteen married couples)

Conference Champions

Conqu'ring Heroes Conference Champion Joe "Just Joe" Drake (1st overall)
Victors Valiant Conference Champion Alex "Skippy" Henlin (1st overall)

Divisional Champions

The ABTS Division was the toughest to win this year, averaging 58.2/90 points per participant. (Divisional Power Rankings: The weakest division was the Hollywood Division, averaging 42.2/90 points per participant. Divisional Champions are as follows:

Grand Traverse Bay Division: Ryan "D-Row" Damerow (17th)
Logan Road Division: Dan "Trust me I'm a (student) Doctor" Nolan (32nd)
Lincoln Golf Course Division: Patrick "pete" Nolan (6th)
Roberts Road Division: TIE: Dick "Prez's Pappy" Nolan and Addison "Addie Pie" Stafford (47th)
Big Beaver Road Division: Jill "Hot 'n Ready" Stachowiak (12th)
Eastern District of Michigan Division: Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson (3rd)
Coloma Division: Joseph "jo-saffy" Tito (103rd)
Huron River Division: Maher "Gametime" Salah (8th)
Stadium and Main Division: Paul "Michigan" Scott (8th)
Pioneer Park Division: Paul "Big Paul" Kahler (12th)
Hickory Knoll Division: Andrew "Beans" Pleasant (26th)
Hollywood Division: John "The Better Mertens" Mertens (127th)
30 Rockefeller Plaza Division: Chris "The Wafro" Hall (61st)
Louisiana Purchase Division: Christine "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" Donaldson (8th)
Pennsylvania Ave Division: Brian "Brian P" Pandya (21st)
Across the Potomac Division: Mike "Mike" Pearson (17th)
West/Mid Michigan Division: Kendall "Nolan-to-be" Thelen (6th)
J-Fed Territory Division: Alex "Skippy" Henlin (1st)
Aon Center Division: TIE: Ryan "Big D" Durrie and David "David Spiegel" Spiegel (87th)
300 N. LaSalle Division: Waldemar "Bad to the Bone" Colon (8th)
Chicago River Division: Demetrius "Dee" Quillie (21st)
Victory Liquors Division: Lance "L-Weezy" Wright (8th)
Streeterville Division: Sam "Robertson636" Robertson (29th)
420 W. Diversey Division: Neil "Nruss" Russell (15th)
State and South U Division: Stephanie "Punky" Vasconcellos (68th)
ABTS Division: Brian "Hundo" Colgan (4th)
Willis Tower Division: Chad "True" True (21st)
Wrigleyville Division: Andrew "The Token" DeYoe (61st)
Magnificent Mile Division: John "The Vest" Lane (32nd)
Gateway to the West Division: Ryan "the llama" Casey (61st)
Appalachian Mountains Division: Sarra "Ms. Pres" Nazem (21st)
Interstate I-80 Division: Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (43rd)
Soldier Field Division: Joe "Just Joe" Drake (1st)
Pacific Division: George "Geep" Harbison (17th)
Lonestar State Division: Weston "Hall" Hall (32nd)
Eastern Seaboard Division: TIE: Robert "Rob" Weissert and Zack "hasn't watched a single football game this year" Krause (32nd)

Fun Facts

  • Sarra Nazem was the highest ranked previous Champion, in 21st.
  • Previous year winner Jason Lichtman dropped to 43rd, but took over 1st in the Nolan Bowl Index
  • Finishing in last (180th) place with 26 points was Jahel Nolan, who also had the best winning streak to begin Nolan Bowl IX.
  • For a 9th straight season, there were record numbers of participants (180), cities represented (76) and states represented (27). Nolan Bowl IX also received one entry from Iraq.