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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl XI (2011-12)


Nicholas Sorensen of Chicago, IL
Points: 77 out of 95

Runners Up

2. Nate "Anti-Nimzo" Engstrom 77 (lost on 3rd tiebreaker)
3. Doug "Kiss the Rings" Hammond 76
4. Srikanth "Srikanth" Dasari 74
T5. Dan "Dish" Doerrfeld 72
T5. Kevin "Real Deal" Hollifield 72
T5. Dan "Jeter" Gotkin 72
T5. Kevin "MUSkrat Love" Mausert 72
T5. Steve "Darkwing Duck" Tanyko 72
T10. Atif "Double A" Ali 71
T10. Eric "It Wasn't Me" Karl 71
T10. Leslie "Shopaholic" Perry 71
T10. Dave "D-Train" Roush 71
T10. Paul "Michigan" Scott 71

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl XI Muskegon Natives Champion: Nate "Anti-Nimzo" Engstrom (1st place overall)
Nolan Bowl XI Michigan Alumni Champion: Nicholas "Underpromise and Overdeliver" Sorensen (1st place overall)
Nolan Bowl XI Nolan Family Champion: Addison "Time for the Show" Stafford (41st place overall)
Nolan Bowl XI Chicago Champion: Nicholas "Underpromise and Overdeliver" Sorensen (1st place overall)
Nolan Bowl XI Rookie of the Year: Srikanth "Srikanth" Dasari (4th place overall)
Nolan Bowl XI Husband/Wife Champions: Julia "Baby Googs" and Andrew "Mandrew" Vieweg (tied for 41st place) (out of 23 married couples)
Nolan Bowl XI Dow Corning Champion: Srikanth "Srikanth" Dasari (4th place overall)

Nolan Bowl XI Al Gore/Rich Rodriguez Award
given (if applicable) to the Nolan Bowler who finishes with the most GAMES picked correctly but does not win the most POINTS (a la winning the popular vote but losing the electoral college, or having an offense that puts up a gazillion yards but fails to score enough points to win games). The Nolan Bowl XI Al Gore/Rich Rodriguez Award goes to Robert "Leroy" Weissert, who finished with 27 correct picks, one more than winner Sorensen, yet finished tied for 41st place.

Conference Champions

Conqu'ring Heroes Conference Champion Nicholas "Underpromise and Overdeliver" Sorensen (1st place overall)
Victors Valiant Conference Champion Nate "Anti-Nimzo" Engstrom (1st place overall)

Divisional Champions

The Muskegon Lanes Division was the toughest to win this year, averaging a whopping 64.6/95 points per participant. The weakest division was the Coloma Division, averaging only 46.8/95 points per participant. Divisional Champions are as follows, in order of division strength:

Muskegon Lanes Division: Nate "Anti-Nimzo" Engstrom (1st overall)
West Side Division: Dan "Dish" Doerrfeld {5th overall)
Second Floor Division: John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak (15th overall)
Michigan Avenue Division: Doug "Kiss the Rings" Hammond(3rd overall)
Nine State Titles Division: TIE: Robert "Leroy" Weissert and Jeremy "Peppers" Peppers(41st overall)

Reinventing Michigan Division: Paul "Michigan" Scott (10th overall)
First Floor Division: Srikanth "Srikanth" Dasari (4th overall)
Law Quad Division: Darren "The Dude" Greca (28th overall)
East Coast Blue Division: Dan "Jeter" Gotkin (5th overall)
Good Time Charleys Division: Nicholas "Underpromise and Overdeliver" Sorensen (1st overall)

States Late in the Alphabet Division: Michael "Irish80122" Nardorff(20th overall)
Sag-Nasty Division: David "CornNuts" Grunwell15th overall)
Ram-Diesel Division: Dave "D-Train" Roush (10th overall)
Roberts Road Division: Bob "Sir Nolan" Nolan(49th overall)
Blue Punch Division: Dennis "I Like Football" Coyle (66th overall)

East Side Division: Tom "Scrud Chud" Cash (20th overall)
U.S. Education Corp Division: Corey "Corey" Fox (20th overall)
Hulkamania Division: Atif "Double A" Ali 10th overall)
Hutchins Hall Division: Justin "JTH" Hethermane (15th overall)
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Division: TIE: Bryan "EcksFactor" Eckelmann and John "Ferentzphile" Scanlan (57th overall)

Natural Resources Division: Eddie "Hillbilly" Boardwine (28th overall)
Sailed the Seas Division: Chris "Gundy" Gundersen (66th overall)
Mary Markley Division: Emily "Pork Chop" Lund (66th overall)
Chef Jan Division: TIE: Andrew "Mandrew" Vieweg and Julia "Baby Googs" Vieweg (41st overall)
Kardashians Division: John "Vegas" Mertens (41st overall)

Integrated Design Solutions Division: TIE: Jeff "I say Ohio" Stachowiak and Paul "Paul" Stachowiak (49th overall)
Big Wheel Race Division: Addison "Time for the Show" Stafford (41st overall)
USPTO Division: Tim "Buckeye" Troy (28th overall)
WOLV Hockey Division: Kevin "Real Deal" Hollifield (5th overall)
If You Build It They Will Come Division: Colleen "Colleen" Stachowiak (57th overall)

Midwest Division: Casey "George" Martin (49th overall)
The Wedge Division: Dean "Dean" Nelson (102nd overall)
Little Brown Jug Division: Kate "Countess" Nardi-Dei (76th overall)
Outside Counsel Division: John "Johnny A" Ansbro (49th overall)
Deerwood Drive Division: Sean "Go Chips" Nolan (76th overall)

Hemlock Semiconductor Division: Leslie "Shopaholic" Perry (10th overall)
Peter Redpath Division: Alex "Skippy" Henlin (20th overall)
Uncle Mike Didn't Submit His Picks Division: Terry "T-Dog" Nolan (57th overall)
Executive Division: John "AC" Carter (49th overall)
Currie Division: Jonathan "Jon" Wendt (76th overall)

Brent Ross Division: Eric "It Wasn't Me" Karl (10th overall)
Unleashing the Power Division: John "Church" Church (10th overall)
It's Raining Men Division: Joshua "Sebastian" Anderson (86th overall)
Weymouth Division: Kevin "MUSkrat Love" Mausert (5th overall)
Jack Levin Division: Norbert "Nobs" Knapke (102th overall)

Coloma Division: Scott "He" Wells (148th overall)

Fun Facts

  • *11 of the top 30 finishers were Dow Corning employees
  • *Tom Cash and Alex Henlin tied for 20th as the highest-finishing previous Champions
  • *Previous year Champion Rocky Jones finished in 123rd place
  • *Ryan Durrie finished in 226th place with 27 of 95 possible points
  • *For an 11th straight season there were record numbers of entries (226), cities represented (86) and U.S. states represented (27), as well as seven other countries (Brazil, Libya, South Korea, China, Japan, Germany and Canada)