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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Annual Worst Starts

Game in parenthesis represents first correct pick of that year’s Nolan Bowl:

Nolan Bowl I: n/a (each participant correctly picked the first game)
Nolan Bowl II: Bob Nolan (3rd game)
Nolan Bowl III: TIE between Jun Takayasu, Chris Hall, Jim Stachowiak, Dan Nolan, Mike Ostrander, Sean Nolan and James Fritz (2nd game)
Nolan Bowl IV: Steve Lund (6th game)
Nolan Bowl V: Jessica Cash (4th game)*
Nolan Bowl VI: James Fritz (7th game)
Nolan Bowl VII: Jeremy Pearson (10th game)
Nolan Bowl VIII: Matt Huang (8th game)
Nolan Bowl IX: Katie Stafford (12th game)
Nolan Bowl X: Addison Stafford (8th game)
Nolan Bowl XI: TIE between Jessica Cash Clark and Jahel Nolan (10th game)
Nolan Bowl XII: TIE between Loyal Charles, Kendall Nolan and Stephanie Vasconcellos (6th game)

Fun Fact

*Patrick Jordan set the all-time futility record by picking Notre Dame to win each and every bowl game in Nolan Bowl V, and after Notre Dame lost even the one bowl game they participated in, finished with zero out of 65 points. For purposes of statistics, however, we have indicated the sane "worst start" regardless.