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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl IV (2004-05)


Brian Nolan of Muskegon, MI
Points: 49 out of 61

Runners Up

T2. Surup (a-loop) Desai 44
T2. Michael "Butts" Ostrander 44
  4. Dan Nolan 43
T5. Bob Nolan 42
T5. Julie Stachowiak 43
T7. Adam Damerow 41
T7. Ming Shui 41
T9. Dustin Keith 40
T9. "Prez" Matt Nolan 40

Divisional Champions

Enemy Territory Division Dustin Keith
4th in the State '98 Chess Team Division Brian Nolan
Almost got all Divisions to make Sense Division Dan Nolan
West Michigan Division Michael "Butts" Ostrander
Engaged Division Ryan McClarren and Jun Takayasu (Tie)
The Mississippi & West Red States Division Ming Shui
Northeast Blue States Division Surup (a-loop) Desai
Civil War Border Division Mike Pearson

Divisional Rankings

4th in the State '98 Chess Team Division (62.70%)
Enemy Territory Division (62.29%)
Almost got all Divisions to make Sense Division (61.64%)
West Michigan Division (59.84%)
Engaged Division (59.43%)
The Mississippi & West: Red States Division (56.15%)
Northeast: Blue States Division (55.74%)
Civil War Border Division (48.77%)


Player Profiles

Fun Facts

  • Previous Year winner Jun Takayasu returned with a solid 11th place finish, scoring 39 points.
  • Nolan Bowl IV was the first and only time a former last place finisher has redeemed themselves and reached the Hall of Champions.
  • Last place with 23 Points was Jessica "Hundo" Cash.
  • At the time there were a record 33 participants in Nolan Bowl IV from 21 cities in 10 states.