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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl X (2010-11)


Rocky "Rock" Jones of Chicago, IL
Points: 68 out of 89

Runners Up

T2. John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak 66
T2. Stephanie "Steph" Vasconcellos 66
T2. Doug "Kiss the Rings" Hammond 66
T5. Paul "Big Paul" Kahler 65
T6. Maher "Smoke & Mirrors" Salah 65
  7. Andy "Schwags" Schweickert 64
  8. Michael "Irish80122" Nadorff 63
  9. Jeremy "Nickname Necessary" Pearson 61
T10. Surup "Surup-a-loop" Desai 60
T10. Jared "RichRod" Dinkes 60
T10. Shane "The Great" Melanko 60
T10. Geoffrey "Rollin" Nolan 60
T10. Andrew "Lil Beans" Pleasant 60
T10. Paul "Michigan" Scott 60
T10. Addison "Destruction" Stafford 60
T10. Joe "Jowa" Urbain 60
T10. Tommy "Speedbump" Vitale 60

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl X Muskegon Natives Champion: Paul "Big Paul" Kahler (5th overall)
Nolan Bowl X Michigan Alumni Champion: Stephanie "Steph" Vasconcellos (2nd overall)
Nolan Bowl X Nolan Family Champion: Addison "The Tornado of Destruction" Stafford (10th overall)
Nolan Bowl X Chicago Champion: Rocky "Rock" Jones (1st overall)
Nolan Bowl X Rookie of the Year: John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak (2nd overall)
Nolan Bowl X Husband/Wife Champions: Stephanie "Steph" and Matt "V" Vasconcellos (2nd and 73rd overall) (out of 19 married couples)

In addition to the above awards given out annually, we have decided to add two NEW titles this year as well.
Nolan Bowl X Dow Corning Champion: John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak (2nd overall)
given to the Dow Corning employee who finishes highest in the standings.
Nolan Bowl X Al Gore/Rich Rodriguez Award" given (if applicable) to the Nolan Bowler who finishes with the most GAMES picked correctly but does not win the most POINTS (a la winning the popular vote but losing the electoral college, or having an offense that puts up a gazillion yards but fails to score enough points to win games), is this year shared by John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak (2nd overall), Stephanie "Steph" Vasconcellos (2nd overall), Maher "Smoke & Mirrors" Salah (5th overall) and Shane "The Great" Melanko (10th overall) (25 games picked correctly, more than the Champion's 24).

Conference Champions

Conqu'ring Heroes Conference Champion Maher "Smoke & Mirrors" Salah (5th overall)
Victors Valiant Conference Champion Rocky "Rock" Jones (1st overall)

Divisional Champions

The ABTS Division was the toughest to win this year, averaging 58.2/90 points per participant. The weakest division was the Hollywood Division, averaging 42.2/90 points per participant. Divisional Champions are as follows:

Leaders and Legends Division: Rocky "Rock" Jones (1st overall)
Kirkland Expats Division: Jared "RichRod" Dinkes (10th overall)
Tom Harmon Division: Maher "Smoke & Mirrors" Salah (5th overall)
West Michigan Division: TIE: Don "Joltin Bolton" Bolton and Dan "Dish" Doerrfeld (24th overall)
And Justice For All Division: Jun "Jun" Takayasu (35th overall)

Logan Road Division: Bob "I'm Old - Trust Me" Nolan (19th overall)
Southeast Michigan Division: Joe "Jowa" Urbain (10th overall)
ABTS Division: Andy "Schwags" Schweickert (7th overall)
Tridge Division: John "Fist Pumps" Pietrzak (2nd overall)
Integrated Design Solutions Division: Jim "You Raise Me Up" Stachowiak (35th overall)

Ts Tap Division: Clif "Cry Big Sister" Wells (44th overall)
Uncle Howard Division: Wally "Jibarito" Colon (19th overall)
Dani Steinberger Fan Club Division: Surup "Surup-a-Loop" Desai (10th overall)
Coal Country Division: Michael "Irish80122" Nadorff (8th overall)
Roberts Road Division: Addison "Tornado of Destruction" Stafford (10th overall)

Schembechler Division: Christopher "Tied for Best" Niblock (28th overall)
Barney Sutherland Division: Paul "Big Paul" Kahler (5th overall)
The Management Division: Stephanie "Steph" Vasconcellos (2nd overall)
Fluminense are the Champions Division: Jeffrey "Blind Picks" Krause (61st overall)
Pulling Off Salmon Division: Andrew "Mandoo" Vieweg (32nd overall)

Antonin Scalia Division: Alex "Skippy" Henlin (24th overall)
Pony Express Division: Ryan "Urbanator" Casey (35th overall)
The Sing-Off Division: Kelly "Guz" Guzman (19th overall)
Uncle Weymouth Division: Shelly "Shel" Hirschtritt (35th overall)
Lincoln Golf Club Division: Geoffrey "Rollin" Nolan (10th overall)

Both Coasts Division: Jeremy "No Nickname Necessary" Pearson (9th overall)
One Hell of a Division: David "Bear" Honeycutt (52nd overall)
Don't Mess With This Division: Mat "Zoo" Zulauf (52nd overall)
Henry Hutchins Division: Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (61st overall)
Windy City Division: Zach "Z$" Grossman (61st overall)

How the West Was Fun Division: Andrew "Beans" Pleasant (10th overall)
Drinks and Music Division: Tommy "Speedbump" Vitale (10th overall)
Teachers and Soldiers Division: Christine "Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner" Maxwell (24th overall)
Grand Traverse Resort Division: Adam "IHeartHart" Damerow (35th overall)
Michigan Republicans Division: Paul "Michigan" Scott (10th overall)

Lloyd Carr Division: Chris "Brucetown" White (116th overall)
Aunt Holly's Women Division: Dan "Go Blue" Nolan (52nd overall)
Saginaw Bay Division: Alan "AZ" Zombeck (82nd overall)
LSA-SG Division: Matt "The Galloping Ghostwriter" Huang (73rd overall)
We Knew Hidecki Division: TIE: Andy "The Tuscaloosa Kid" Coulouris and Jackie "Going to Win" Simpson (160th overall)
Ram Diesel Division: Vanessa "Loch Ness Monster" Del Campo (135th overall)

Fun Facts

  • No fun was had this year.