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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl V (2005-06)


Sarra Nazem of Philadelphia, PA
Points: 42 out of 65

Runners Up

  2. Tom Kelly 41
T3. Sam "Badass" Badawi 39
T3. Jared Dinkes 39
T3. Tony Nam 39
T3. Brian Nolan 39
T3. Mike "MP" Pearson 39
T8. Bob Nolan 38
T9. "Prez" Matt Nolan 37
T9. Josh Ruland 37

Divisional Rankings

Nolan Division (54.62%)
Rest of the Big Ten Like it Matters Division (50.26%)
Went Blue Division (49.23%)
West Coast of Michigan" Division (48.92%)
JD to Keep My Big House Tickets Division (48.72%)
Fuck it Dude "M" Law Bowling Division (47.18%)
VC Class of 2003 Division (44.10%)
These People Actually Have Jobs Division (44.10%)
Six JDs Walk Into a Bar Division (41.28%)


Player Profiles

Fun Facts

  • Previous Year winner Brian Nolan followed up his victory with an impressive 3rd place finish, scoring 39 points.
  • Last place with 0 Points was Patrick Jordan. In one of the oddest strategies in Nolan Bowl history, he picked Notre Dame to win every game, forgetting Notre Dame is terrible. After that cowardly performance, he has never entered another Nolan Bowl. His actions should serve as a reminder why the second tiebreaker is to NOT pick Notre Dame to win. Although it will take brave picks to win a Nolan Bowl, stupidity is never rewarded.
  • At the time there were a record 53 participants in Nolan Bowl V from 33 cities in 16 states and two countries.