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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl VII (2007-08)


John Fedynsky of Ferndale, MI
Points: 74 out of 85

Runners Up

  2. Mike "Sledgehammer" Murphy 68
T3. Adam "Shit" Haba 66
T3. Michael "Coach Butts" Ostrander 66
T3. Rich "not Barry" Zito 66
  6. Katie "Got the pox" McClarren 64
T7. Scrud JAM-PA "Tom Cash" Chud 63
T7. Jerry "John's BFF" Kurtze 63
T7. John "Wu-John" Mertens 63
10. Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson 62

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl VI Michigan Alumni Champion John "Fed" Fedynsky (1st overall)
Nolan Bowl VI Muskegon Natives Champion Matt "Prez" Nolan (19th overall)
Nolan Bowl VI Nolan Family Champion Matt "Prez" Nolan (19th overall)
Nolan Bowl VI Chicago Champion Rich "Not Barry" Zito (3rd overall)

Divisional Champions

I billed the half hour it took to make these picks to a client Division
John "Fed" Fedynsky (1st overall)
I still get Spring Break Division
Adam "Shit" Haba (3rd overall)
One of these divisions isn't going to make sense Division
Rich "not Barry" Zito (3rd overall)
We survived Nolan-era Ann Arbor Division
Michael "Coach Butts" Ostrander (3rd overall)
We survived Ellerbe Division
Katie "got the Pox" McClarren (6th overall)
Birds Up For Willie Division
Dean "Pure Evil" Nelson (10th overall)
Jill B. Fan Club Division
Mike "Pickle" Osborne (11th overall)
Married Chicago friends Division
Megan "best neighbor" Krone (11th overall)
Blue Party Division
Jon "Husker" Clifton (15th overall)
West Michigan Exports Division
Kati "Adam's Sis" Damerow (17th overall)
Nolan Family 20somethings Division
Matt "Prez" Nolan (19th overall)
Keeping D.C. warm for Nolan Division
Kate "Mads" Madigan (25th overall)
Fighting Zookers Division
Andy "Schwagdaddy" Schweickert (25th overall)
Uncle Weymouth Division
Ryan "hiding in '95" Durrie (34th overall)
Buckeyes and Sparties are allowed in the Nolan Bowl? Division
Jeff "I miss John L." Stachowiak (57th overall)
Nolan Family Boomers Division
tie, Dick "Dad" Nolan and Sandy "Evil Stepmother" Nolan (76th overall)


Player Profiles

Fun Facts

  • Most notable as the first year no Nolan finished in the Top 5.
  • Matt Nolan was the highest Nolan finisher in a tie for 19th place. The next highest was Dan Nolan way back in 40th place.
  • Previous Year winner Tom Cash finished in a respectable 7th Place with 63 points.
  • Last Year's 5th place finisher, Ryan "Buckeye Prez" Robinson fell to rock bottom and finished in 91st place.
  • Finishing in Last place this year with 21 points was Kevin "Uncle Kev" Moody.
  • Nolan Bowl VII also marked the first time that the number of participants from Michigan (25) were eclipsed by the number of participants from another state, (Illinois 34)
  • There were a record 93 participants in Nolan Bowl VII, from 42 cities in 20 states.