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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Annual Best Starts

Most games picked correctly before a loss (each year):

Nolan Bowl I: James Fritz, Matt Nolan and Andy Pleasant (2 games)
Nolan Bowl II: Nobody (all 6 participants picked the first game incorrectly)
Nolan Bowl III: Ryan McClarren and Matt Nolan (7 games)
Nolan Bowl IV: Steve Couch, Surup Desai, Bob Nolan, Matt Nolan, Michael Ostrander, Jeremy Pearson and Matt Vasconcellos (3 games)
Nolan Bowl V: Kelly Guzman (10 games)
Nolan Bowl VI: Ming Shui (4 games)
Nolan Bowl VII: Tom Cash, Mark Damerow, Adam Haba, Laura Hardesty, Ryan Robinson and Andy Schweickert (5 games)
Nolan Bowl VIII: Michelle Gullett (6 games)
Nolan Bowl IX: Jahel Nolan (3 games)
Nolan Bowl X: Matt Golden (7 games)
Nolan Bowl XI: Kendall Nolan (10 games)
Nolan Bowl XII: Jarrod Erpelding and Chris Walker (11 games)

Fun Fact

In only one Nolan Bowl (Nolan Bowl I) did a participant with the best opening streak win the Nolan Bowl (Matt Nolan).