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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl VIII (2008-09)


Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman of Cleveland, OH
Points: 63 out of 88

Runners Up

  2. Carly "Lil c" Scheer 62
T3. Mark "Marc" Calaguas 61
T3. Adrienne "Brooksie" Brooks 61
T3. Alex "aghenlin" Henlin 61
T3. Andrew "The Token" DeYoe 61
T3. Jill "Barkley" Barkley 61
  8. Beth "Pramtastic" Pramme 60
T9. Rich "Rich" Zito 59
T9. Jim "Slice" Stachowiak 59
T9. John "OhGee" O'Gara 59

Sub Champions

Nolan Bowl VIII Muskegon Natives Champion Richard "Prez's Pappy" Nolan (16th overall)
Nolan Bowl VIII Michigan Alumni Champion Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (1st overall)
Nolan Bowl VIII Nolan Family Champion Richard "Prez's Pappy" Nolan (16th overall)
Nolan Bowl VIII Chicago Champion Carly "Lil c" Scheer (2nd overall)
Nolan Bowl VIII Rookie of the Year Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (1st overall)
Nolan Bowl VIII Husband/Wife Champions Jim "Slice" & Colleen "C-Dogg" Stachowiak (9th & 16th overall) (out of eight married couples)

Conference Champions

Conqu'ring Heroes Conference Champion Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (1st overall)
Victors Valiant Conference Champion TIE: Mark "Marc" Calaguas, Andrew "The Token" DeYoe and Jill "Barkley" Barkley (3rd overall)

Divisional Champions

The Governator Division was the toughest to win this year, averaging 53/88 points per participant.

Kwame Kilpatrick Division Jim "Slice" Stachowiak (9th overall)
Mabel M. Nolan Division Jahel "Aunt" Nolan (26th overall)
Martin J. Nolan Division Dan "Student Doctor" Nolan (85th overall)
Ram-Diesel Division Ryan "Heisman Snub" Casey (16th overall)
William P. Nolan Division Richard "Prez's Pappy" Nolan (16th overall)
Dee Richardson Division Mat "Zu" Zulauf (31st overall)
Fielding H. Yost Division Michael "ND Grad" Nadorff (31st overall)
Henry Hutchins Division Joe "Bike Geek" Brennan (47th overall)
Mary Markley Division Mark "Marc" Calaguas (3rd overall)
Bo Schembechler Division Surup "With Da Fur" Desai (19th overall)
Gerald R. Ford Division Mike "Murph" Murphy (51st overall)
Hideki Tsutsumi Division Jill "Barkley" Barkley (3rd overall)
Ho Chi Minh Division Andrew "The Token" DeYoe (3rd overall)
Station No. VI Division Lorraine "Mama Cash" Cash (52nd overall)
George Romney Division TIE: Jeremy "jpearson" Pearson, Mark "Adam's Dad" Damerow and Kati "Kati" Damerow (62nd overall)
Robert McCormick Division William "Bill" Burke (41st overall)
Weymouth Kirkland Division Kevin "Chompions" Mausert (23rd overall)
Howard Ellis Division Mark "Horvick" Horvick (12th overall)
Red Grange Division Adrienne "Brooksie" Brooks (3rd overall)
Shingle Diggins Division Nina "Sweet Pea" Tito (26th overall)
Antonin Scalia Division Alex "aghenlin" Henlin (3rd overall)
Lovie Smith Division Carly "Lil c" Scheer (2nd overall)
Abraham Lincoln Division TIE: Adriana "Bunny" Servinsky and Dennis "Dennis" Coyle (19th overall)
Lynyrd Skynyrd Division Jamin "it" Dunn (12th overall)
Elliot Spitzer Division Dan "Go Yankees" Gotkin (19th overall)
Governator Division Beth "Pramtastic" Pramme (8th overall)
John Cooper Division Michelle "jomyke" Gullett (12th overall)
Barack Obama Division Rich "Rich" Zito (9th overall)
Pierre L'Enfant Division Jon "HuskerPower" Clifton (72nd overall)
Rod Blagojevich Division Jason "Wildcat" Lichtman (1st overall)

Fun Facts

  • For the first time, Nolan Bowl was conducted at
  • Matt Nolan was the highest ranked previous Champion, in 26th.
  • Previous year winner John Fedynsky dropped to 47th place.
  • Finishing in last (148th) place was Nolan Bowl II Champion Bob Nolan, with 24 points.
  • There were once again record numbers of participants (148), cities represented (65) and states represented (24).