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Nolan Bowl XVIII

Nolan Bowl III (2003-04)


Jun Takayasu of Dayton, OH
Points: 47 out of 62

Runners Up

  2. Steve Lund 43
T3. Dean Nelson 39
T3. Dick Nolan 39
  5. Dan Nolan 35
  6. Ryan McClarren 34
T7. Brian Nolan 31
T7. Michael "Butts" Ostrander 31
  9. James "Monkey" Fritz 28
T10. Bob Nolan 26
T10. Jim Stachowiak 26

Fun Facts

  • In branching outside of Muskegon and into a wider group of participants, Nolan Bowl III was the first step toward the phenomenon the Nolan Bowl would one day become - the Super Bowl to Nolan Bowl I and II's NFL Championship Game.
  • Nolan Bowl III saw the number of participants grow 250% to 15, joining in from 9 cities in three states.
  • This was the first time the Nolan Bowl was not won by a participant from Michigan.
  • It was also the first time it was not won by a Nolan.