So let me get this straight. You walked into your kitchen to make a sandwich but you didn't have any mustard. Naturally this was led you to driving to the store where you ran into your futre ex wife. Sparks fly as they should since you are a hip and happening person, what's not to love about you. Any person would be lucky to land a catch like you, at least thats what your mother always said. One thing leads to another and you find yourself on a sandy beach in the lovely state of Hawaii. Ahhh, the Sunshine State. Georgeous! Unfortunately having just met your now recent and beautiful but, soon to be crazy as a kangaroo at a backyard pool party girl you do not realize that she hates the water. Hates it! Like the aliens from Signs hate the water. This leads her into a fit of rage that the Hulk would be jealous of. After she broke your nose and both arms... What's that? And your pinky toe? Sorry its hard to hear you with your jaws wired shut. Damn that bitch crazy! So after having reconstructive surgey in Utah where your recovery mascot was Simon the Weasel you finally moved back home so that you and Simon can start a new life together working at your home made pie shop and working the street corners as mimes on the weekends. Ummmm wait. Why did you need mustard again? I kind of got of track there for a moment. Oh Sorry, not mustard you want your password reset. Yeah I can do that for you. Enter your email address to the right and an email will be sent as soon as Simon stops looking up pie recipes on MY computer! I told him I would buy him a tablet for his birthday because we just can't share nice things.


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